Catnip Sushi


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Handmade catnip infused cat toys. Each cat toy is sculpted from wool by a process called needle-felting.

Needle-felting is a time consuming process, but the quality and artistry is unmatchable.

Each cat toy contains delicious organic catnip and is made from all natural wool sourced from happy sheep and small businesses in the United States.

(Pictured from left to right):

Choose from Ebi (Shrimp) Sashimi, Tamago (Egg) Nigiri Sushi, Red Tuna Nigiri Sushi, Salmon Nigiri Sushi, Futomaki Roll (California Roll), and Sushi Roll with Sesame Seeds. Handmade in Los Angeles, California using ethically sourced materials.



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Shrimp, Egg, Red Tuna, Salmon, California, Sesame